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About Us

Hello ! My name is Tim Finlay and I'm very proud to say I run Tim Finlay Pet Services Ltd. 

I started in 2011 offering a ground transport service for pets coming into the UK via Manchester and requiring onward carriage to their new homes all over the country. The business grew and soon I was collecting from both London Heathrow, & Gatwick and as far north as Glasgow relocating pets home by ground transport.  Manchester has excellent road connections to all major UK cities and counties and excellent for moving pets to ports for shipping to the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands as well as the main UK airports.


In 2013 I started to export pets and I remember my very first export was Millie the Airedale Terrier to Melbourne.. Wow that was an experience and I will never forget it.

All the pets you see on our website are all real fur babies that have passed through our doors either on their way out to places like Dubai, Sydney, South Africa, America, South America, Canada and all over Europe or who have come the other way and we have got them home.

With the exception of this fella with me in the photo.  This is Dylan and he is our fur baby even though he is 10 he is in great shape and is one of the family and the reason why we have this business.


In 2015 I joined IPATA as I wanted to learn from more experienced pet shippers world wide. As a result I have someone just like me in almost every corner of the world who can assist with advise on the rules and regulations from the country they live in or help me make sure that you pet is collected from the airport and delivered to you and your family in your new home and new adventure !

I got the chance to meet many IPATA members at the 2018 conference in Melbourne and I was delighted to see how many like minded individuals are around to make your pet transportation go as smoothly as possible.


Karen and I hope you enjoy our website and find the help your require if you are intending to move your pets in the near or distant future.

In this website you will find all the information you will need along with our advice to give you the opportunity to make a fully informed decision on the best way to make your pet's journey a happy one.

I say WE.... Because now my wife Karen works with me and is co director of the company and of course Dylan's mum. Karen has a 100% active role in all aspects of the business and does everything from dealing with import or export permits to driving any of our two vehicles each equipped with excellent air con and ventilation, plus secure crate tie down points so all animals travel safely.  The little fella in her hands is called Milan and he flew to Washington after we picked him up in Newcastle.

I'd like to thank everyone for allowing us to use the photos and reviews made by our clients so far who have experienced our services.

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