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Pet Size Guide


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As you know your pet will require an approved

airline travel crate for their journey and it all starts here with the pet size guide.

If you can measure your pet and send us the measurements A - E we can then work out the correct size of travel crate required for a comfortable journey.

Measure 2 or 3 times as it is very easy to get it wrong.

We can also provide you with the correct crate, bedding and water bowls, airline crate stickers and labels.


If you already have a pet travel crate or you think your pet may have out grown it then try and place your pet along side the crate to check for size.

If you can place the pet inside the crate to check that it's ears and the top of its head are not touching the inside roof of the crate

FYI Your pet is usually taller when sitting upright

Here is little Milo who we sent to Canada checking out his space.  As you can see he has plenty of room to stretch,  lay down, turn around, sit upright and stand up without him touching the roof of the travel crate.


Sometimes it's a good idea that we send you a crate in advance so your pet can get used to being in it.  Just set it up, pop in some bedding and allow the pet to explore for itself, DON'T force it.

Also if you have a snub nose breed like Harper here the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Their travel crate has to be a larger than required crate to allow for maximum air flow around the pet.

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